I choked back my tears. A quick update on my appointment…

So today saw me going to my rheumatologist for the first time this year. It was an emergency appointment because I had been flaring for most of December. I wished it was just a 'let's touch base to do a check up and a look at the meds you're on' kind of appointment. After the … Continue reading I choked back my tears. A quick update on my appointment…

What fresh hell awaits me??

So the holidays are over and everyone is going back to school and work. I am going back to let's fix Tracey. It literally is a full time job. I started the new year with a Lupus flare. In my previous post I said that I pitched up like a vagrant in a gown to … Continue reading What fresh hell awaits me??

Some quick facts and stats about Lupus

The aim of this blog was always to create awareness about Lupus. Here are some quick infographics about Lupus I've experienced this first hand. #truestory I am currently on disability. I will be doing a blog about the financial strain of Lupus in the next few weeks. Spoiler alert. It's a horror movie. Lupus is … Continue reading Some quick facts and stats about Lupus

I’m back! Happy New Year

Alot of people feel that 2019 was a crappy year. It had some pretty crappy, soul wrenching, internal screaming and extreme frustration amongst other things for me. It has also had some good bits. It was definitely a year of growth for me. I finally came to the realisation that can be best summed up … Continue reading I’m back! Happy New Year

Having yourself a merry little festive season?

We've held onto some traditions that span 50 years. One of these is the little ones handing out gifts. A big hoo ha is made about the mound of gifts. The mound of gifts are lots of gifts big and small wrapped for them. We do adult gifts but watching the astonishment of the little … Continue reading Having yourself a merry little festive season?

The end of a love affair..

I loved the sun and the sun loved me. We had a beautiful relationship all my life. Living in Cape Town there were innumerable visits to the beach. There is nothing like a good swim or just marinating in the sea or a pool. I loved tanning. Getting that golden, olive skin was fabulous for … Continue reading The end of a love affair..

Surviving the Festive Season for the chronically ill…

The festive season has always been a magical time for me. There is nothing like Christmas. I relish in all things Christmas... Even Boney M! Yes... I start counting down the months. People say that Christmas has just become commercial and the spirit of it has been lost. That may be for some people but … Continue reading Surviving the Festive Season for the chronically ill…

I’m baaaack!

I went through a rather hellish time. Everything just seemed to be going wrong at once. In so many areas of my life. On top of that I was having Lupus flares making dealing with everything so much harder. I took all these things as a sign. A sign that more changes needed to be … Continue reading I’m baaaack!

Just when you think you’ve got this…. you don’t

I was so pumped. So ready to tackle my diseases... until my pain management appointment rolled around. Until the planning for December holidays rolled around. It all snowballed on Sunday. I am having a mini lupus flare. I've tried to deny it but I can't anymore. My knees are hurting so bad. My achilles tendons … Continue reading Just when you think you’ve got this…. you don’t

The evolution of Tracey

The post hospital shake up My hospital stint was a real shake up in my life. Being taken out of normal every day life and facing a serious battle was life changing. As much as it was horrid to be in hospital, I think in hindsight it was needed. It was the universe giving me … Continue reading The evolution of Tracey